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CHC Projects


Cooperative Housing Projects in New
Urban Settlements (First Phase)

This phase consists of projects on the land of cooperative organizations with a total of 2000  Acres on 15 new urban settlements (e.g. 6th of October, New Cairo, Aswan, Asuit, Elmenia, 10th of  Ramadan, Badr, Thebes, Sohag, etc.). Each project  consists of Cooperative Housing units, public spaces  and services, and Investment housing and services.


Cooperative Housing and Investment
Compound – Port Said Governorate

This project is being designed and under construction  by the GOHCC at east Port Said as replacement for the old  deteriorating housing units. The objective of this project is to contribute in the resolution of the current housing problems in  Egypt. The projects consists of two locations:
1. The first site includes 26 coop housing towers (12 floors)  and 4 investment towers (12 floors).
2. The second site includes 42 coop housing towers (12  floors), 22 Investment towers (12 floors), 4 Administrative  Towers, 7 stories parking structure, Mall and cultural  facility, and a Mosque.


Tarboul (New Atfeeh Zone)

The project is located on El-Korimat road near old Atfeeh Village. The total area of the project is 26000 acres. The project’s location is characterized by its linkages and connection to nearby industries such as Marble, Granite and Cement as well as being located at main highways  leading to the Red sea and Upper Egypt. 


Cooperative Compound (Residential/
crafts) at Housh Eissa, El Behira Governorate

 The project consists of:
1. Housing Zone A with total area of 10,454 m2 and Zone B with total area of 7606 m2.
2. Crafts zone with total area of 13,099 m2
3. Commercial/services zone with total area of 4,356 m2 for zone A and 2,500 m2 for zone B.
4. Workers’ Housing zone with total area of 735 m2
5. Shops (various sizes) on the main road
6. Educational services 


Suez Markets

Project details:
1. Land Area (3.5 Feddan) 229517.2596 m2
2. No. of Floors:2

Ground Floor
- The total commercial store’s area per floor: 5,804 m2
- The total number of commercial stores: 58 stores
- Two large commercial areas: 1125 m2 for each
-  Four exhibitions area: 85 m2 for each

First Floor
- The total commercial store’s area per floor: 58042 m2  
- The total number of commercial stores: 58 stores
- Two large commercial areas: 1125 m2 for each
- Four exhibitions area: 85 m2 for each 


New Aswan

Project details:
1. Number of buildings: 96 Building 
2. No. of Floors: 5
3. Number of housing units 2304 units.


Eco Village





Dahlia North Coast

The project consists of:
1. Land Area (70.77 Feddan) 297,234 m2 
2. Developed Land (27.99 Feddan) 117,558 m2
3. Free land for dev. (42.78 Feddan) 179,676 m2
4. No. of Existing units: 501 unit
5. No. of Planned Units: 816 unit
6. Resi. BUA Planned: 131,409 unit 

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