Theme 1: Ideologies and patterns of integrated cooperatives systems “Cooperatives in the context of housing policies / important experiences”


Cooperative for New Egyptian communities



Towards comprehensive integrated and cooperative framework 

institutional transformations of cooperative sector housing 

Algerian experience in the field  of social housing 


Important experience 



The Role of Housing In Achieving An Integrated Cooperative System

Institutional Framework for Promoting and Managing  Integrated

Cooperatives - A case study of Cooperative House Building and Finance Cooperation 

A Presentation of Escwa Report in Habitat 3 (Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia 

Housing Co-operatives and UrbanSolidarity

Institutional Framework for Promoting and Managing -Integrated Cooperatives 

Integrated Cooperatives for Sustainable Community Development


International experience 




Lilac Project- A Distinctive Project    in the Field of Contemporary Cooperative Housing 

Cooperative Housing in the Desert Environment- Case Study on 2870Unit in Libya

Canada Mortgage and HousingCorporation  (CMHC)