Time Table.....

   The 2nd International Conference for Co-operative Housing (ICCH16)

    December 12-14, 2016, Cairo, Egypt

  Conference Program 



First day: Monday, December 12, 2016

8.00-9.30 am

Registration -  Reception (Lilly Hall)

10.00-11.00 am

Opening Session (Pearl Hall)

11.00-11.30 am

Coffee Break

11.30 am

Exhibition Opening

12.00-1.30 pm

First General Discussion Session-(Canyon Hall)
 “The Role of Finance in Supporting Cooperative Activities”

·       Ms.Katheraine Gravel

·       Mr. Fathy Elsebaai

·       Mr. Mohsen Adel

·       Prof. Adel Elmahdy


·       Dr.Abdullah Ramadan


1.40-3.30 pm

Second General Discussion Session  - (Canyon Hall)
“The Role of Cooperatives in Achieving Sustainable Development of the Desert Border Areas (Northern Sinai)”

·       Prof.  Hasan Rateb

·       Prof.  Hossam Rizk

·       Prof. Hatem Elbolok

·       Prof. Ismael Abdulgaleel


·       Prof. Assem Elgazzar


3.30-4.00 pm

Lunch (PearlHall)


5.30-10.30 pm

Visiting of Egyptian Museum


Second day: Tuesday, December 13, 2016

9:30 – 11:15 am

Canyon Coloured

Canyon White



Session 1/A

Cooperative Legislation

Chairman/ Prof. Nahed Ashry

1.      Role of Law in Achieving Sustainable Cooperative Society- Comparative study

       Dr.Sahar Mostafa Hafez


2.      The State , The Private and Cooperatives Sectors- The Dilemma  of Hegemony and Partnership

       Prof.AbdelRahman AbdelAal


3.         Required Modifications for Cooperative Legislations



Session 1/B

Participatory in Cooperative framework

Chairman/Dr. Ehab Shaalan

1.  System of Cooperatives: A Dream or Reality to Legalize Land Tenure in Informal Housing Areas in Egypt

     Prof.Ahmed Soliman


2.    The Role of Cooperatives in Upgrading Informal Housing through Community Participation

     Arch. Hany El Miniawy

3.      Community Motivation and Capacity Building for Successful Integrated  Cooperatives- a Case Study of Zimbabwe



Session 1/C

Cooperatives for New Egyptian Communities

Chairman/ P­rof. Abdul Mohsen Barrada

1.     Towards Environmentally Based Co-operative Communities

       Prof. Fathy Mohamed Meselhy


2.      Mechanisms for Stimulating Habitation in New Desert Villages by Converting them into Productive Housing Cooperatives

Eng. Ayman M. A. Abouhaggar


3.     Your Home your Factory and your Farm

Prof.Raafat Abdel-Aziz Shamis

Dr. Raouf Hasan Farag



Visiting  some of Cooperative Projects in New cities

(Optional )

11:15 – 11:45 am

Coffee Break


Cont. Second day: Tuesday, December 13, 2016

11:45 – 1:30 pm

Canyon Coloured

Canyon White


Session 2/A

The Economics and Financing of Cooperative Housing

Chairman/ Dr. Adel Elmahdy

1.      Economic Integration among  Various Cooperatives Activities

       Prof. Neveen Mohamed Torayeh

2.      Determinants of the Demand for Cooperative Housing in Egypt In Light of the New Economic Reform Policies

       Dr. Amr Soliman

3.      Real Estate Financing System in Egypt and its Role in Financing the Cooperative Projects

      Mr. Hatem Ahmed Gaafar


Session 2/B

Participatory in Cooperative framework

Chairman/   Eng. Hussain Elgebaly

1.      Towards Better Communities in Egypt through Participation of Low Income and  Youth in Cooperative Projects

       Dr. Sherif Algohary


2.      Cooperative Housing Contribution  in the Implementation of Housing Plans in Egypt

Eng. NafisaHashim

3.      Berlin- A Self-made Culture Future-Oriented Self-Initiated
Co-housing and Residential Projects

      Eng. Salma Khamis

4.      An Integrated Collaborative System (Participation) as a Sustainable Approach for Developing Low- Income Housing


       Dr. Nora Mohamed Rehan Hussien

Session 2/C

Domestic Communities- Approach for Cooperatives

  Chairman/ Prof. Abdulmohsen Barrada

1.      The Role of Community Institutions in the Realization of an Integrated Collaborative System

       Prof. Mahmoud Fahmy Al-Kordy

2.      The Endogenous Development of Local Communities: A Path to Future

       Prof. Hamed El-Mously

3.      Fishers Cooperatives: Importance and Requirements for Success- Case Studies of  Some Foreign Countries

      Prof. Ahmad Barrania


1:30 – 1:45 pm



Cont. Second day: Tuesday, December 13, 2016

1:45 – 3:30 pm

Canyon Coloured

Canyon White


Session 3/A

The Economics and Financing of Cooperative Housing

Chairman/ Prof. Adel Elmahdy

1.      Managing and Promoting Cooperatives in the Canadian Economy

­       Ms. Katherine Gravel- Canada


2.      Proposed Framework for Establishment of Funds to Finance the Cooperative Housing

       Prof. Jamal Mahmoud Attia Obaid


3.      Proposed Framework for the Role of Banks in the Cooperative Housing Finance in Egypt

       Dr. Abdallah Ramadan


Session 3/B

Important Experience

Chairman/ Eng. Hussain Elgebaly

1.      The Role of Housing in Achieving  an Integrated Cooperative System- The Malaysia's Experience and Aspiration

Prof.MadyaDatuk Ali BinHasan-Malaysia 

2.      Institutional Framework for Promoting and Managing  Integrated   Cooperatives - A case study of Cooperative House Building and Finance Cooperation

       Dr. Bhagwati Prasad- India


3.      Zimbabwe  National Association of Housing Cooperatives (ZINAHCO)



4. 1.      A Presentation of Escaw * Report in Habitat 3

* Economic and Social Commission for  Western Asia

Ms.Naela Haddad

Session 3/C

Design Aid  Techniques for Cooperative Projects

Chairman/ Dr. Shereef Elfeky

1.      Applicatio­n of Remote Sensing and GIS for the Mitigation of Flash Flood: The Impact on the Sustainability of Urban Areas in Egypt

Dr. Mohamed El bastawesy


2.      Mechanisms for  the use of  Solar  Energy - Investment for Sustainable Development in Mediterranean  Sea Basin Countries

Dr. Mona Ahmed Fanny,

Eng. Mohamed Mahmoud,

Eng. Ahmed Adel


3.      Solid Waste Management and Recycling Technology of Japan Toward a Sustainable Society

       Eng. Jehan Mahmoud Ali Elsamni


4.      Towards Energy Efficient  Dwelling Units: Case Study of a Typical  Modern Rural Unit in Delta Region in Egypt

      Eng. Ahmed Abdulmalek

3:30 – 4:30 pm

Lunch (PearlHall)


Cont. Second day: Tuesday, December 13, 2016

4:30 – 6:00 pm

Canyon Coloured

Canyon White


Session 4/A

Cooperatives.. Young Researches Approaches

Chairman/ Prof. Adel Yassen

1.      Some Successful International Experiences in Integrated Management of Cooperatives and how to Apply them on the

Ground and Use them in Our Society

     Mr. Abdullah Mohamed Abdullah


2.      The Role of cooperative Thinking in Solving Housing Problems and Urban Development in Developing Countries

      Mr. Sayed Hamdy Sayed


3.      Cooperative Funding from Reality to Proposals

      Ms. sherry Adel tenii

Session 4/B

Cooperatives.. Young Researches Approaches 

Chairman/ Prof. Yasser Sakr

1.      Co-operative Housing between Motivation, Implementation and Management - The Indian co-operative Housing experience

Dr. Marwa Ahmed Soliman ,

Eng. Suzan Mohamed Nader


2.      Integrated Cooperatives Community’s Ambitions and  Governments Support - The Some Comparative International  Experiences

      Eng. Hanaa Ibrahim Abdul Aziz


3.      Promoting Innovative Policies for  Housing Affordability in Arab Countries

      Mr. Mohamed Hammam Tawfeek

Session 4/C

International  Experience

Chairman/ Dr. Shereef Elfeky


1.    Lilac Project- A Distinctive Project in the Field of Contemporary Cooperative Housing

    Dr. Ahmed Refaat Ahmed


2.      Cooperative Housing in the Desert Environment- Case Study on 2870 Unit in Libya

Dr.HebaAbdulrahman Ahmed,

Dr.Amaal Noury Safour (Libya)


3.      Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

        Mr. Ahmed Gamal Salem


6:00 – 10:30 pm

Nile Cruise Dinner – “ Nile Crystal Boat”


Third day: Wednesday , December 14, 2016

9:30 – 11:15 am

Canyon Coloured

Canyon White


Session 5/A

Design Trends

Chairman/ Prof. Adel Yassen

1.    Place Forming

      Dr. Rasem Badran- Jordan


2.    The Future Belongs to those who Believe in the Beauty of their Dreams” Plato

      Prof. Khaled Mohamed Dewidar


3.      The Right to Differ with Respect to Architectural Heritage

      Arch. Akly Amirouch- Algeria      


Session 5/B

Important experience

Chairman/  Arch. Hany El Miniawy


       Ms. Carolin Schroder- Germany


2.      Institutional Framework for Promoting and Managing
Integrated Cooperatives

        KATABARWA Augustin- Rwanda


3.    Integrated Cooperatives for Sustainable Community Development

      Dr. Salah Arafa


Session 5/C

Cooperatives within Housing Policies Framework

Chairman/ Prof. Abo Zeed Rageh

1.      Towards Comprehensive Integrated and Cooperative Framework

      Prof. Ibrahim Moharam


2.      Algerian Experience in the Field of

  Social Housing

    Arch. Chorfi Djamel- Algeria


1.      Institutional Transformations of Cooperative Housing Sector

    Eng. Karim Salah Nourel-din

11:15 – 11:45 am

Coffee break


Cont. Third day: Wednesday , December 14, 2016

11:45 – 1:15 pm

Canyon Coloured

Canyon White

Session 6/A

Design Trends

Chairman/ Prof. Assem Elgazzar

1.      The Design and Ecological Trends to Plan and Sustain Integrated Cooperative Societies, Case Study: The Communities of 1.5 million Feddan Reclamation Project as a Model

      Prof. Ahmed Y. G. Rashed


2.      The role of Educational Institutes in Fostering Sustainable Development of Cooperative Housing Across Multiple Scales

Eng. Nader Mohamed,      

Eng. Sara Samy, Arch. Ramy Bishr


3.      Biodiversity to Achieve Integrated Urban Communities

       Dr.Mohamed Esmat Hamed ElAttar

Session 6/B

Cooperatives.. Young Researches Approaches

Chairman/ Prof. Yasser Sakr


1.      Presentations From (AM Universal Solution Platform)- Republic of Gambia by:

·       Mrs. Lamrana Jalloh,  Mrs. Adama Mansaray (Sierra Leone)

·       Mrs. Victoria Adutwumwaa, Mrs. Rebecca Adzo Dzidza, Mrs. Faustina Boateng, Mrs. Lovia Owusu Ansah , Mrs. Leticia Sarpong (Ghana)


2.      Cooperative Integration-Source of Development and Contribute to Solve Society  Problems

                     Mr. Sameh Abdelkareem Ali Elsayed


3.      The Role of Private Sector in Achieving the Goals of Housing Policies- Housing Finance- some international Experiences

                     Mr. Mostafa Samir Morsi Mahmoud


1:15 – 1:30 pm


1:30 – 2:30 pm

Closing Session (PearlHall)


3:30 – 4:30 pm


5:30 – 10:30 pm

Cultural Tour Of Historical  Cairo