Scientific Committee

Dr. Eng / Hossam El Din Mostafa Rizk


*PH.D of Architecture and Urban Planning - University of Edinburgh - United Kingdom.

*Chairman of the General Authority for Construction and Housing cooperatives. (Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities)




Prof.Dr.Eng.Abdel Mohsen Barrada


*Director Urban studies and Research centre -Faculty of  regional and urban planning Cairo University (2004-2007) .

*   Dean of the Faculty of Regional and Urban Planning,Cairo University. (FRUP) (1994-2001)



                     Prof.Dr.Eng. Yasser Sakr


* President of Helwan University 

             Prof.Dr.Eng. Adel Yaseen Moharram 


* Professor of Architercture Institute Of Environmental Studies and Research Ain shams University.

              counselor/ Hossam Kamel Gomaa


* Vice-President of the State Litigation Authority

                     Prof. Dr. Adel M. El-mahdy 


* Dean of High Institute of Management Science * Prof., of international economics, Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration, Helwan University.

                     Prof.Dr.Sahar Mustafa Hafez


* Lecture at Institute for Environmental Research and Studies, Ain shams University . * Consultant (Professor) at the National Centre for Social and Criminological Research, Cairo, Egypt.

                     Eng.Hany Hassan El Miniawy


* Architect and urban planner, own offices since 1977  

                        Eng. Hussein EL GebalY


*Adviser to the Minister of Housing for Housing Sector and Affiliated Agencies.  

                   Dr. Ahmed Refaat Ahmed 



* Head of Housing Information and Documentation Unit. Ministry of Housing and Agriculture.Kingdom of Bahrain.

 Eng /Jehan Mahmoud Ali ElSamni 



Quality Assurance Manager: General Authority of Building and housing cooperatives, Cairo , Egypt