Main topics

Topic 1: Concepts and Methodologies of Integrated Cooperative systems

1. :  theoretical approaches practices and contributions

2. Models of .

3.  Recent terminologies and concepts in the field of cooperatives.

4. Innovative approaches to promote .


Topic 2: Institutional Framework for promoting and managing  integrated   cooperatives 

1. Role of the State and stakeholders in integration.

2. Managing   and  their institutional setup 

3. Best practices 


Topic 3: Development of Institutions and  

1. in financing integrated cooperative projects.

2. Means and mechanisms for activating integration between cooperative housing and other cooperative activities.

3. Role of banks and mortgage institutions in financing cooperative projects.

4. Financing  cooperative projects  through by local banks  


Topic 4: Developing Legislative Frameworks for Establishing, Organizing, Supporting  and Controling integrated coperatives

1. International  experience in Legal regulation of .

2. of cooperative activities (experience and prospects) 

3. cooperatives principles within  comparative constitutions, and regional and international  laws 


Topic 5: and capacity building for Successful

1. Utilizing and building upon traditional cooperative   methods to develop. integrated cooperative  communities

2. through all phases of .

3. to initiate in the development of cooperative projects.  


Topic 6: for Integrated Cooperative Communities

1. indicators in  integrated cooperative communities

2. Sustainable and to be considered in planning and designing of integrated cooperative projects.

3. in .

4. Urban planning and design of integrated cooperative projects.

5. Application of green buildings principles and ecological design for cooperative urban communities.

6. Biodiversity within integrated cooperative communities’ developments



English and Arabic are the official conference languages.



Due to the request of some of the researchers involved, research and academic

authorities decided to extend the date of receipt of the summaries of research until 13.10.2016.





Deadline for receiving abstracts 

October 13



Deadline for approving abstracts 

October 20 



Deadline for receiving the whole papers 

October 27



Notification of approving papers 

November 10



Deadline for submitting papers(after modification) 

November 30



Best Research Award

EGP 50000 will be rewarded by the for Construction and Housing Cooperatives for the best research which explains and evaluates a successful housing model project. Such model project should indicate the elements of the integrated cooperative. Moreover, the research should define the institutional, legislative and financing framework of the project as well as conditions, environment, etc. that contribute to its success. As such, the project can be viewed as a leading model that can be applied for other social conditions and environments


Registration Fees

First: Conference and Seminars:

1. Fees for research participants:

1. EGP 950 for Egyptians

2. USD 450 for non-Egyptians

2. Fees for attending participants:

1. EGP 1200 for Egyptians

2. USD 600 for non-Egyptians

Registration fees include costs of attending events of the conference such as scientific sessions, seminars, lectures, workshops, portfolio, snacks, and lunch for 3 days.

A discount of 20% will be granted to research institutions, government authorities and universities, provided that each entity should be represented by 3 participants at least.

Second: Payment Method:

Fees may be paid in cash or via payable check in the name of the for Construction and Housing Cooperatives before 05/10/2016


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